Accessories manufacturer PolarPro has introduced new versions of its Cinema filter series for those ordering the DJI Mavic Air drone. The filters are designed to give photographers control over the shutter speed of their footage, as well as polarizing reflected light to improve color saturation.

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The company has also announced it will make two cases for the drone, as well as a customizable mount for filming with the drone hand-held.


Users will be able to choose from a pack of ND filters in ND4, ND8 and ND16 strengths, or to have the filters combined with a polarizer to intensify color as well as reduce the amount of light reaching the lens.

For especially bright conditions a further pack of NDs is available in ND32 and ND64 strengths both with and without a polarizer.

The filter packs will cost $80 for the three-packs of ND and ND/PL units, and $150 for all six together. The Limited Collection of extra dense filters will be $100. For more details see the PolarPro website.


Both cases on offer have soft exteriors, with the Minimalist ($30) designed to be as compact as possible, and the Rugged ($50) designed to provide the most protection.

DJI Mavic Air Soft Case - Rugged DJI Mavic Air Soft Case - Minimalist

Katana 'Tray' System

Finally, the Katana Pro Tray system allows used to clamp the Mavic Air into a set of handles so that it can be used to film at ground level and in places where drones aren’t allowed to fly. Depending on your preferred filming orientation, you can go with the standard DJI Mavic Air Tray ($50) or purchase the Air Tray/T-Grip Combo ($80) for one-handed operation and low-angle camera control.

DJI Mavic Air Tray DJI Mavic Air Tray/T-Grip Combo

To learn more about these products or pick any of them up for yourself now that the DJI Mavic Air is officially shipping, head over to the PolarPro shop to browse the entire PolarPro Mavic Air collection.

Press Release

PolarPro Announces Lens Filters and Cinematic Accessories for New DJI® Mavic Air

Consumers placing orders for the newly-release DJI Mavic Air can now preorder the PolarPro accessories to take their aerial filmmaking to the next level.

Costa Mesa, C.A. – January 30, 2018 – PolarPro, developer of products inspired by adventure, announced today it is opening preorders for its newly designed line of cinematic lens filters and purpose-built accessories for the DJI® Mavic Air. Known for producing some of the industry’s highest quality lens filters for pilots looking to maximize the cinematic aspects of their drone video, PolarPro is now offering polarized, neutral density and UV filters to help Mavic Air pilots improve overall color saturation and control shutter speed. Additionally, PolarPro’s Mavic Air line includes landing gear, handheld mounts for shooting from the ground and other workflow-streamlining accessories that have been adapted to DJI’s latest drone model. PolarPro anticipates preorders will begin to ship by early February 2018, and the full list of offerings for the Mavic Air can be found here:

“The new generation of consumer drones from manufacturers like DJI become more advanced every day, and though their native video capabilities are great, anyone who is looking to create videos with more cinematic qualities needs some specific tools to achieve that particular look,” said Austen Butler, VP and Co-Founder of PolarPro. “Our lineup of Mavic Air accessories includes a newly designed line of lens filters to help content creators capture the best possible footage of their adventures that stand out from the rest. We also have custom protective cases to keep their sensitive gear safe on the way to the shoot, and other camera solutions to help streamline their capture process while on location.”

PolarPro Mavic Air Lens Filters

For any drone pilot looking to ensure the best possible quality from their aerial video, no accessory is more important than a set of high quality lens filters. PolarPro offers a series of Mavic Air Filter Packs which include combinations of commonly used polarizing lenses (PL) for enhancing color saturation, UV filters for reducing haze and glare, as well as a substantial lineup of all-important neutral density (ND) filters and hybrid polarizing/ND filters for slowing shutter speeds to achieve cinematic looks.

PolarPro uses lightweight yet durable AirFrame Aluminum, producing filters that weigh just .59 grams. Combined with industry-leading HD glass and coatings for razor sharp clarity, PolarPro filters work seamlessly with the Mavic Air camera gimbal for uninhibited performance.

All PolarPro lens filters are produced in Standard Series (three pack and six pack options available) and Cinema Series (detailed below). Cinema Series filters feature production grade multi-coated glass for pilots who demand the best. PolarPro Mavic Air filters collections include:

Cinema Series Shutter Collection ($79.99): For controlling shutter speeds, includes straight ND4, ND8, and ND16 filters

Cinema Series Vivid Collection ($79.99): For controlling shutter speeds and boosting saturation, includes hybrid ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters

PolarPro Mavic Air Six Pack ($149.99): Combines the Shutter and Vivid collection in a single bundle

Cinema Series Limited Collection ($99.99): For bright light conditions, includes ND32, ND32/PL, ND64, ND64/PL filters

For more information on which PolarPro filters will fit particular pilot needs, please refer to PolarPro’s Filter Guide for the Mavic Air:

PolarPro DJI Mavic Air Cases

With some expensive and delicate components, the Mavic Air needs to be properly protected when traveling to shooting locations or stored away in-between shoots. PolarPro has designed two Mavic Air Cases to suit the needs of most users.

Minimalist Edition ($29.99): This custom molded soft-shell case takes up the least amount of space in a pack. Featuring customizable dividers, the Minimalist Edition has space for the Mavic Air, three extra batteries, remote, charger, charging hub and filters.

Rugged Edition ($49.99): Designed with a laser cut foam insert to act as a shock absorber, the Rugged Edition snugly holds the Mavic Air, four extra batteries, remote, charger, charging hub, filters and cables. A removable shoulder strap is included for added carrying configurations.

Hand-Held PolarPro Katana Tray

The Katana Mavic Air Tray ($49.99), and even more dynamic Mavic Air Katana Pro($79.99) are essentially force multipliers for the UAV. The drone’s compact size and high-quality imaging capabilities make it a great filming platform for just about any situation, and with a little help from the PolarPro Katana it can become a powerful handheld shooting camera as well. Ideal for capturing ground-based footage, the Katana allows pilots to still shoot in no-fly zones such as national parks where drones are banned. The Katana Tray is crafted from durable glass-filled nylon and features two sturdy grips on either side of the clamping mount that holds the drone securely in position. The Katana Pro also features a T-Grip enabling one-handed and low angle camera control. Each version includes an integrated smartphone mount that lets users utilize the drone’s companion app for framing and camera controls.

For more information about these and other new PolarPro solutions for the Mavic Air, including individual anticipated ship dates, please visit: