Some Android phones, such as the LG G3 and HTC One, and most high-end Windows Phone devices come with optical image stabilization and therefore allow for the capture of smooth and steady video footage. iPhone users, however, have had to make do without this feature thus far.

The new Steady App aims to at least partly change that by providing digital video stabilization for the iPhone. Digital video stabilization systems aren't usually as efficient as the optical variant which uses moving lens elements to keep things steady, but can definitely improve things noticeably, especially when you are walking while recording. 

Like the digital systems we have seen on some Android devices, Steady uses the smartphone's gyroscope to detect where you are pointing the camera and when it is shaking. It then realigns the individual frames of the video to create a smoother viewing experience. Using this method inevitably means you are losing some image information around the edges  and end up with a slightly cropped video but overall the results are quite impressive as you can see in the sample video below.

Steady shoots in either 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio and also offers slow motion recording  (120fps on 5S, 60fps on 5/5C) and works on the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S.  4S users have to make do without the slow motion feature though. iPhone 4 and iPad are not supported at all. You can now download and install Steady in the Apple App Store for $1.99.