Nikon has issued a technical service advisory for a number of Z6 and Z7 cameras regarding an issue where Nikon's Vibration Reduction (VR) technology ins't fully functioning on particular units.

Nikon doesn't elaborate on what's causing the issue with the VR malfunction in the affected Z6 and Z7 cameras, but says it will repair affected devices free of charge, including the cost of shipping, even if the warranty on the camera has expired.

A screenshot of the Z7 serial number checker website.

To aid in determining if your unit is an affected one, Nikon has set up dedicated webpages where you can enter your Nikon Z6 and/or Nikon Z7 serial numbers and see if it's affected and covered by the advisory. No specific serial number ranges have been presented, so the only way to find out is to use the dedicated webpages.

If your camera is affected, the webpage will provide instructions on how to get your camera(s) repaired. If your camera is experiencing VR issues and isn't recognized by Nikon's serial number checker, Nikon requests you go through its support platform to address the issue.