Western Digital's new SSDs offer faster speeds and higher capacities

Hard disk manufacturer Western Digital acquired SSD specialist SanDisk last year. Now we are seeing the first fruits of the new relationship in the shape of two new SSD lineups – one under each company's brand name – that are the first to deploy SanDisk's new 64-layer 3D NAND chips. According to Western Digital the new chips offer 'lower power consumption and higher performance, endurance and capacities.'

The new Western Digital Blue and SanDisk Ultra 3D lines are identical in terms of capacity, controllers and performance specs but Western Digital's lineup includes a device in M.2 2280 format factor, which SanDisk's doesn't.

According to the spec sheets performance should be very good. The 256GB versions read at 550 MB/s and write at 525 MB/s. The larger capacity SSDs are even a touch quicker at 550 MB/s and 560 MB/s respectively. And the new SSDs are not only fast but also reliable. Western Digital states the mean time to failure (MTTF) of all devices as 1.75 million hours. If you think the new drives could help fulfill your storage and archiving needs, you'll be happy to hear they are quite affordable; 256GB drives start at $100. Pricing information for the larger 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models is not available yet.

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Mike Sandman
Mike Sandman

Average MTBF of 1.75 million hours = almost 200 years...

4 months ago

So these would be tier 1 in "tier 0" speak ... with ram being tier 0? ... SSD being 1, HD being 2, external HD storage 3, and DVD's and cloud 4.
I really don't see what is new about Tier 0 as we have been using the concept for years ... just didn't have a name for it.
I loaded software apps and active data to Ram Drives back in the 1980's and on, until HD's got faster. Now, I just install the demanding software and active data on the SSD. Everything else on HD and backup on externals ... cloud is for sharing.

6 months ago

Current SanDisk 1TB (960GB) are selling on eBay for around $250 to $350.
See eBay item number: 122525557076 for example.

6 months ago

Well cost and life span seem improved, maybe offering a budget minded SSD that isn't a compromise on quality just an economical storage solution? Seems like a nice option.

6 months ago

Faster speeds? These speeds look measly in today's SSD world.
I hardly see what is the achievement here. There are SSDs now in gigabytes per second range that are almost order of magnitude faster (NVMe). Yet there are SSDs in the same form factor that have order of magnitude higher capacity.

These ones look like ordinary no achievement SSDs.

6 months ago

Like samsung pro series?

6 months ago

Samsung 960 Pro or EVO. But for reliability these may be good if they use MLC chips instead of TLC.

6 months ago

These are TLC.
I think everybody is very much going TLC (cheaper for chip makers).
It's getting a bit harder to find MLC disks.

6 months ago

"Hard disk manufacturer Western Digital acquired SSD specialist SanDisk last year."

You mean NAND flash memory specialist. Because last I remember SanDisk memory cards were a major part of their business as well.

6 months ago

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