A number of Kansas City metro hotspots are putting up "No Trespassing" signs that specifically state 'No Photographers,' according to local FOX affiliate WDAF. The restrictions were prompted by 'a few bad apples' who would set up props for photoshoots in lobbies, doorways, and places that block traffic, the report states.

Both commercial and Instagram photography is reportedly disrupting certain iconic regions and businesses in Kansas City. Brett Judson, owner of local business Coven KC, explained to WDAF, 'Besides setting up their fake house in our lobby, in our front door, they will block all the traffic under the 12th Street bridge to get that, like, beautiful family photo or a wedding photo.'

Some local photographers are speaking up about the issue, stating a minority of individuals are giving the entire profession a bad name. One such photographer is Marsha Baylor, who will join colleagues in cleaning up litter in some of Kansas City's hotspots to help make the point.

'They're not the norm,' Baylor told the local news station. 'We are the norm. We are the people that step up and say, "This is not OK. This is not how the majority of us run our businesses.'"

Kansas City currently requires photographers to get a permit when shooting in parks if the sessions will 'impact others and/or the environment,' which includes using 'lots of props/equipment,' according to city parks' website. A city spokesperson speaking to WDAF pointed out that there are no laws restricting photographers from shooting while on public property, but that doing so on private property with posted signs can be a trespassing issue.

In addition, Missouri Department of Conservation spokesman Bill Graham stated that the agency is working on a new policy that will impact commercial photography and videography in all of the region's conservation areas.