Image Sensors World reports Apple has acquired or at least hired some engineers away from InVisage, the technology company which developed a new image sensor architecture featuring a QuantumFilm layer for increased light capturing capability.

According to unnamed sources the acquisition was closed in July of this year and Image Sensors World also points out that InVisage is no longer listed as a current investment in the portfolios of venture capital firms Nokia Growth Partners and InterWest Partners.

The company also simplified its website by removing employee profiles and the news section, which, according to the report, is a common move for companies acquired by Apple. In addition LinkedIn lists at least six Apple employees who previously worked at InVisage. That said, only two of those joined the company during 2017.

Despite the lack of an official confirmation, all the evidence seems to suggest that the QuantumFilm technology is now in the hands of Apple. We're hoping to see at least elements of it in upcoming iPhone cameras. In the meantime you can find out more about QuantumFilm in the video below or in our own report from November 2015.