Facebook is currently testing a new face detection feature within its Australian user base. Photo Magic is a new facial-recognition function within the mobile app that uses the same technology applied in the Moments app and in the tagging feature. Once you've given it permission to access the images in your camera roll, it scans them for faces of your Facebook friends. If anyone is identified you get the option to send them the images. This works with multiple persons but they'll need the Moments app installed on their device in order to receive the photos.

After installation and the initial scan, face-recognition is active all the time and checks for faces as images are being captured. Users can then opt to send them to their friends straightaway. Of course Photo Magic only works if you grant access to your images, and if the whole thing starts feeling too creepy at some point you can revoke permission at any time. The Photo Magic feature is expected to become available outside Australia within the next few months.

Via: Engadget