KitCam now has an option to view a live histogram in the capture screen.

KitCam for iOS has seen a major overhaul with its latest update. The $0.99 app now has a composition grid, front facing flash and new frame shapes. Users can also view a live histogram that shows the current exposure time and ISO, and can save files as an uncompressed TIFF. Folks who still want to save their images as JPEGs can now choose the compression level—something that the older versions of KitCam didn’t allow.

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The best part of KitCam’s update may be the new “Night Snap” feature. Like the other iOS nighttime photography apps, the Night Snap setting for KitCam allows for a longer exposures. Unlike apps like Slow Shutter which allows for shutter speeds as long as 30 seconds, KitCam only allows for exposures up to one second, but that is likely long enough for most everyday nighttime photography situations.

KitCam has also updated its time lapse feature. Now, the minimum interval time for time lapse is a half-second and the maximum is 15 minutes. When you are done and ready to share your image, you can choose to share either the original or the edited version.

KitCam is available in the iOS App Store.