North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reportedly 'purged' his personal photographer, referred to only as 'Ri,' after he violated two rules related to photographing the dictator and briefly blocked a crowd's view of him. In addition to being fired from his role as photographer, Ri was allegedly banned from the Workers' Party of Korea.

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News of the event first surfaced from Daily NK, a Seoul-based news website from Unification Media Group. The report claims Ri was punished for causing damage to Kim Jong-un's 'Supreme Dignity' while photographing him on March 10 in the No. 10 election district.

In addition to blocking his neck from view with a camera flash, Ri allegedly violated two rules that barred photographers from capturing images and video directly in front of and within 2m / 6.5ft of Kim. The Korean Art Film Studio under which Ri had worked (and from which he was subsequently fired) edited the video to delete the scene featuring Ri and the 'damages' it caused to Kim's 'Supreme Dignity.'