Google+ added its Communities feature to its Android and iOS app updates, along with other photography-related features.

Both Google+ and Facebook have new app updates aimed at photography enthusiasts. 

Google+ has updated both its iOS and Android apps with the new Google+ Communities feature, profile editing, Circles notifications subscriptions and more. Android users will also see full-size backups of photos (up to 5GB for free) and photo sphere support. Google+ for iOS users will see improvements in the way they view photos with inline swipe for photo albums and a pan-zoom-scale effect added to pictures in the stream. The updates also include new events and hangouts features; learn more on Google's blog. (We also started a thread about the updates in our own Connect Community.)

Facebook is also out with a new update that promises faster photo viewing for both iOS and Android versions, and iOS users can now post photos to specific albums when uploading to Facebook.

Taada, one of the smaller social photo-sharing networks that sprang up in emulation of Instagram, also recently update its app for iOS, now offering an additional filter of the week.