Oops. Godox recently leaked its own strobe light—a new model called the AD600 Pro—via a product listing published briefly on its website. That product listing has since been pulled and no official announcement has been made, though a version of the light sold under the Flashpoint name is already up for preorder on Adorama for $900 USD as of this writing.

The Godox AD600 Pro retains the same 600 watts of power as the original model, but improves other elements such as decreasing recycle time from 2.5s to 0.9s, and replacing mini USB with USB-C. Screenshots of the Godox website product page were shared with DIY Photography, which notes that the modeling light's output has also been increased from 10W to 38W.

Other notable changes between the original and new model include a "stable color temperature mode," a step-less handle for angle adjustments, a slightly heavier weight at 3kg / 6.6lbs versus 2.66kg / 5.9lbs, and a redesigned head that eliminates the recessed bulb.

Based on the AD600 Pro's spec sheet, not all changes are positive. The AD600PRO's li-ion battery has a capacity of only 2600mAh, a drop from the AD600's 8700mAh battery capacity; that means it can only shell out 360 full power flashes rather than the 500 flashes the original model is rated for. The AD600 Pro also lacks optical transmission mode.

Godox's launch plans for the AD600 Pro are unclear, but screenshots of its product page live on in this Dropbox file, and it'll likely appear online shortly.