In 1911, Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern captured footage of a trip to New York, resulting in more than eight minutes of video that, in its original form, is quite low resolution with a low frame rate.

Various efforts over the years have attempted to improve the resolution, frame rate, colors and other details with different results, but one of the best edits thus far comes from Denis Shiryaev, who recently shared the edited video on Reddit.

According to the video's description, as well as a comment left by Shiryaev on Reddit, the project involved four neural networks, including DeOldify. In all, the various neural networks managed to increase the framerate to 60 fps, increase the resolution to 4K, bump up sharpness and even colorize. This is one of multiple videos Shiryaev has upscaled and improved; other examples include a video from the Apollo mission and 'Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat' from 1896.