If you’re a fan of single-use cameras and enjoy black and white photography, Kodak has a new product that might pique your interest. Kodak Professional has announced a new single-use film camera loaded with 27 frames of Tri-X 400 film.

As you’d expect for a single-use camera, it’s fairly primitive, featuring only a shutter button, a flash button and a winder for moving the roll of tilm to the next exposure. The lens is a 30mm dual-element F10 lens that produces rather impressive results with its single 1/125th shutter speed and fixed focus range of 1m to infinity, based on the sample photos Kodak has shared in the carousel of the Instagram post below:

Despite Kodak saying in its announcement post that it’s available from distributors starting today, it doesn’t appear to be avaialble anywhere and no pricing is mentioned. We have contacted Kodak for this information and will update accordingly when we receive a response.