The Cooperative of Photography, better known as COOPH, has released its latest YouTube video showing how to make the most of your smartphone footage by creating six different smartphone rigs using materials you likely have sitting around at home.

As you would expect for these rather primitive homemade solutions, the DIY rigs aren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing but based on the resulting footage, hopefully your video will be. The six-minute video covers how to make a DIY gimbal, a DIY timelapse rig, a DIY stabilizer, a DIY automated slider, a DIY ‘spinning’ rig and a DIY Gorillapod-style tripod.

It’s quite the adventure, but considering there’s a good chance you’re still on some sort of lockdown or stay-at-home order, these DIY projects might be just what you need to keep your creative spirit alive in seclusion. You can find more videos from COOPH on their YouTube channel.