Nikon has announced it will no longer provide a comprehensive international warranty for its products, citing issues with ‘differences in regional laws and safety standards. Instead, the company says it will transition to regional warranties for interchangeable lenses and accessories by the end of this month.

Nikon says the change will affect ‘NIKKOR interchangeable lenses (F mount and Z mount lenses, mount adapters, etc.) and accessories (Speedlights, etc.).’ Going forward, if you purchase a Nikon product with an international warranty, said warranty will remain valid for its full term.

Regional warranties will offer the same protection as the international version, just with the limitation on where products can be repaired. Specifically, Nikon notes consumers will be responsible for all repair fees, even if the warranty is still valid, if the repairs are performed on the product in a country or region not covered by the regional warranty. This might not seem like too much of a change, but the statement notes ‘some countries and regions may be unable to accept products sold in other countries or regions for repair.’

We have contacted Nikon regarding this news to clarify what countries will either gain or lose warranties in this switch from a single international warranty to separate regional warranties. We will update the article accordingly when we receive a response.