Earlier this month, Adobe made the controversial announcement that its customers in Venezuela were going to lose access to Creative Cloud services as a result of an Executive Order in the United States. In an update on the matter shared on Monday, the company's Customer Experience VP Chris Hall revealed that Adobe has been granted a license that will allow it to continue offering its services and products in Venezuela.

Customers in Venezuela who already lost access to the services they paid for will see that access restored 'within a week,' according to Adobe, which will do so free of charge. Adobe will give these reactivated users 90 days of access to the same products and services for which they previously received a refund.

For customers whose subscriptions are still active, Adobe says they'll be able to continue accessing both Creative Cloud and Document Cloud like usual. 'As always,' Hall said in the blog post, 'we continue to be deeply committed to powering creativity for all, and we’re delighted to have the ability to continue to do so in Venezuela.'