It's fair to say the Galaxy Note 7 was a major disaster for Samsung. After several devices caught fire and exploded, the Korean manufacturer officially pulled the plug on its flagship smartphone in October 2016. An investigation later found that the battery was to blame for the fires.

Now Samsung has found a way of recycling millions of unused Galaxy Note 7 parts and components by relaunching the device in Korea under the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition. In most respects, including the 12MP camera, the Fan Edition is identical to the Note 7 but comes with a smaller 3200mAh battery as opposed to the 3500mAh unit in original device. Samsung says the new battery goes through the same 8-point battery safety testing that started with the Galaxy S8.

The company is open about the fact that the Fan Edition is mostly being made from unused Note 7 components, and says re-using the parts is an eco-friendly initiative. Samsung is planning to sell 400,000 Fan Edition devices in Korea, but will decide about sales in other regions at a later stage.

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition will set you back 699,600 Won (~$611 USD) and will be available July 7 in Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium color options.