Updates to Halftone 2 for iPad include a direct link to online tutorials from within the app, including one for learning how to use the radial tool that was implemented in the first release last May.

Halftone 2 was first released back in May but, in response to strong customer feedback, the app has now been updated to include all in-app purchases. In order to make this happen,  Juicy Bits Software has changed the formerly free Halftone 2 to a pay-up-front app for $3.99. The update is free for current users.

In addition to the inclusion of in-app purchases, Halftone 2 has fixed some bugs, added a direct link to online video tutorials from within the app, improved stability for multi-page PDF and CBZ exports, added a progress indicator and cancel button for sharing and included a sample project to practice editing.

On its Halftone 2  Facebook page the developer says that an iPhone version of the app — which will be a free update for current users — is in the works, with a launch later this summer.