Polaroid Originals has introduced the Polaroid Lab, a new instant printer that will turn your digital smartphone photos into instant prints.

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The Polaroid Lab appears to be an updated and rebranded version of the Impossible Instant Lab released back in 2013, but offers a few new features and brings a retro-inspired design. Polaroid Originals is the current name of what was 'The Impossible Project,' and now owns the Polaroid brand.

Like the Instant Lab, the Polaroid Lab uses your smartphone’s screen as a projector of sorts to capture the image on an instant photo. The process requires you to download the Polaroid Originals app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Once downloaded, images can be selected and edited before prepping them for their analog conversion.

Three lenses and multiple mirrors inside the Polaroid Lab take the image on the screen and focus them on any Polaroid i-Type film. When the red button on the base of the Polaroid Lab is pressed, the image is transferred to the instant film and ejected from the device.

The Polaroid Lab features an internal battery that’s rechargeable via Micro USB. Polaroid Originals says it supports iOS devices running iOS 11 or newer going back to the iPhone 6S and Android devices running Android 7 or newer for the current devices from major manufacturers.

The Polaroid Lab will retail for $129.99 / EUR €129,99 / GBP £119 when it ships. Polaroid Originals says the Polaroid Lab is ‘coming soon’ but fails to provide specifics beyond that. For more information, visit the Polaroid Originals’ website and sign up to receive more information on the Polaroid Lab as it’s released.