According to the most recent report from 4/3 Rumors, Olympus’ next camera, presumed to be the E-M5 III, will be announced on October 17, 2019, and feature the same 20-megapixel sensor that’s inside the E-M1 II.

In its report, 4/3 Rumors breaks down the summary of the rumored information it's received thus far saying with ’99 percent’ certainty that the announcement will be made on October 17, 2019, and with ’80 percent’ certainty, the new camera will feature the same 20MP 121 cross-type phase-detection sensor as the E-M1 II.

The report also states with ’90 percent’ certainty the new camera will come with a new processor that should, in theory, result in better image quality despite using the same sensor. Other details in the report say with ’60 percent’ certainty that the camera will have a ‘lighter, more plasticky but still weather-sealed body’ and use the same BLS-50 battery also used by the Olympus PEN and E-M10 cameras.

If this information does end up holding true, the E-M5 III is shaping up to be an incremental improvement rather than a revolutionary advancement.

Update (September 23, 2019): Corrected to reflect the 20MP sensor the rumored E-M5 III will be based on is in fact the E-M1 II, not the E-M5 II.