DxOMark has published its image quality test results for LG's current flagship smartphone, the LG G6. The G6 comes with a dual-camera setup that features two 13MP image sensors. In the main camera the sensor is coupled to an F1.8 image-stabilized lens. The secondary super-wide-angle camera comes with a slower F2.4 aperture and has to make do without optical image stabilization. In video mode the G6 can record up to 2160p/30fps footage.

As usual, DxOMark has tested the main camera only and with an overall score of 84 points the G6 is on the same level as last year's Motorola Moto G Plus or the iPhone 6s. Thanks to excellent exposures, good white balance, vivid color, high levels of detail, and a fast autofocus in bright light the G6 achieves a photo sub-score of 85 points. Negative points include an increase in noise and a reduction in low-contrast detail in lower light.

In video mode the G6 scores 83 points, again thanks to a good performance in brighter conditions. Video footage shows accurate exposure, wide dynamic range, good detail and accurate white balance. Color shading is well under control and the testers liked the efficient stabilization system. You can read the full report on DxOMark.com or find our own comprehensive review of the LG G6 here.