Image credit: Iurie Belegurschi

Last year, Skylum Software added a new feature to Luminar, AI Sky Replacement. The fully automatic feature, powered by artificial intelligence, can almost instantly replace the sky in an image and relight the overall scene. Next year in Luminar AI, Skylum is taking the feature even further with its new Sky AI tool. Sky AI will add a much-requested feature, water reflections.

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Skylum has published a new blog post and video, seen further below, showing off how water reflection will work in 2021 when it is added to Luminar AI, which is scheduled to release this year. As is the case with AI Sky Replacement, Sky AI and its water reflections feature will be fully automated.

Sky AI 1.0 (left) versus Sky AI 2.0 (right). Sky AI 2.0 includes the new water reflections functionality. Image credit: Elia Locardi

With Sky AI, when the software detects water in your scene and you replace the sky, Luminar AI will ensure that the new sky is accurately reflected in the water. As Skylum writes, 'That means no more duplicating your scene, flipping it and applying a bunch of masking to make it look realistic.' The reflected sky will also adapt on the fly to your selected relight settings and be 'blurred into the scene without any manual work from you.'

Further, any details in the water in your scene, such as waterbirds, will stay in your scene and not be overwritten by the reflected sky. Sky AI recognizes the objects in your image and works to preserve fine details in a scene. You can check out the upcoming feature in the preview video below.

As you can see in the video above, Sky AI has a similar selection of sliders to what's currently available in Luminar 4's AI Sky Replacement tool. However, Skylum has added Water Reflection and Water Ripples sliders. You can control the intensity of the reflection and even add user-adjustable ripples to the reflection by using these new sliders.

Image credit: Daniel Kordan

In addition to the new water reflection capabilities of Sky AI, Skylum is also adding the ability to browse through your library of skies in a thumbnail viewer in 2021. The browser will show you a preview of each sky, whereas in Luminar 4, you have a list of the names of different skies, but no visual preview.

Sky AI is one of many exciting new features coming to Luminar AI. You can discover more about Skylum's Luminar AI and view preorder options by clicking here.