Astro HQ has announced the release of Liquid 3.0, the latest version of its video engine for Luna Display, Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio. The updated software brings accelerated GPU support with up to four times better GPU performance over the previous version. As well, Liquid 3.0 slashes latency and screen refresh rates for up to two times faster responsiveness.

Astropad is a product that comes in Standard and Studio variants, both designed to transform an iPad into a full graphics tablet compatible with a Mac computer and any macOS app. Luna Display, meanwhile, is a small dongle-based system that turns an iPad into a small, portable second screen for Mac computers.

Both products utilize Astro's Liquid video engine, which is Astro's own proprietary technology. The company said in its announcement today that it focused on GPU performance optimization and latency reduction in its latest engine update. Product owners must update both the Mac and iPad software from their respective app stores to use the new engine.