Leica specialist store, Meister Camera, has found a way to make non-working Leica cameras into expensive one-of-a-kind pieces of art by copper-plating the camera, lens and all.

Meister Camera currently has eight of these one-off pieces for sale on its website. According to the product descriptions, the shop partners with a third party to copper-plate the cameras using what it calls a ‘galvanic process.’ The precise details of how the entire camera is effectively embalmed in a coat of copper, including the glass lens and non-metal components, remains unknown, but the end result speaks for itself.

Most of the copper-plated cameras are various versions of the Leica I, II and III cameras, but Meister Camera also has a copper-plated M3 up for sale. Prices start at 995€ (~$1,170) for the Leica IIf and go up to 1,450€ (~$1,705) for the Leica M3. You can see more information for each of the cameras on Meister Cameras’ online shop.