Accessory creator Manfrotto has just launched a new range of bases, booms, heads and dollies aimed at Virtual Reality content creators. The company claims to be the first to produce, "unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography," and that its new range makes VR creation easier and more enjoyable.

The Manfrotto 360° Virtual Reality range includes:

  • VR Clamp and VR Adjustable Dolly
  • VR Mini Tripod Kit
  • VR Aluminium Base with/without half ball
  • VR Pump Cup with spigot adapter
  • VR Carbon Tripod
  • VR Panoramic Head
  • VR Carbon Fibre Boom (Small, Medium, Large)

The company says that the bases have been designed to provide solid, motion-free support ensuring cameras remain as still as possible, and that their foot-prints are small enough that they won’t appear in the frame. The bases offer a choice of carbon fibre or aluminum materials, and booms are provided to enable images to be taken at various heights.

Prices for the range start at £30/$35 for a clamp and top out at £680/$690 for the Multi-Row Panoramic Head. For more information, visit the Manfrotto website.

Press Release


  • The first dedicated range of solutions supporting virtual reality creation
  • Pro and enthusiast solutions for immersive content creation
  • Reliable, high-performance bases, accessories and extension booms
  • Engineered with high-quality materials and careful attention to ergonomics and detail

UK 9th August 2017 - Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is excited to introduce the brand new 360o Virtual Reality range and to be the first player to bring unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography.

Manfrotto’s new 360° Virtual Reality offering includes bases, accessories and extension booms that make it easier and more fun to create amazing 360-degree videos and photos.

With this new range, Manfrotto is facilitating the transition that is taking immersive content creation into the mainstream: from niche professional to widespread consumer application. Leveraging Manfrotto’s innovative offering, photographers and videographers can effortlessly capture entire scenes around their camera, enabling anyone viewing the content to look around and feel like they are experiencing the scenery in real life.

Manfrotto’s new 360° Virtual Reality Range provides a wide choice of combinations for individual content makers to select according to their specific needs and objectives.

Manfrotto VR bases provide reliably stable support and are compact enough not to show in 360° shots. They guarantee the stability photographers and videographers need to get a few meters off the ground and are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit individual creative requirements.

Manfrotto’s VR accessories range makes flawless 360° shooting quicker and easier. These innovative accessories are compatible with all products in the range for the best results every time.

Manfrotto’s VR boom extensions maximize camera height when required. They can be connected to all the bases in the Manfrotto VR range, enabling users to achieve a wide variety of heights for the most breath-taking content.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range features a convenient selection of kits designed to make 360°content creation incredibly easy and intuitive. They are compatible with the most popular 360° cameras and are the smartest choice for anyone who wants to start creating high-quality immersive content easily, right away.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range starts from RRP £29.95 to £634.95

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