Iridient Digital, maker of the popular Iridient Developer Raw conversion software for Mac, has announced a public Beta of a Fujifilm Raw converter utility for Windows.

Iridient X-Transformer is a standalone utility that takes RAF files from Fujifilm cameras and demosaics them before saving them as DNG files. This allows Windows users to access the well-regarded processing look that is popular among Mac-owning X-Trans shooters.

Camera support covers all but the very latest X-series models and covers cameras both with X-Trans and Bayer color filter patterns.

The software is designed to give files that are optimized for the conversion software you then import into, with the option to add tags to prevent Lightroom from duplicating the sharpening or noise reduction you've chosen to apply with X-Transformer, and options defining the handling of lens corrections.

The plugin also includes options for organizing and batch-renaming of files and the ability to compress and reduce the bit-depth of processed files, to save space.

The software offers control over the following parameters:

  • Interpolation process (More Detailed/Smoother), based on the Detail+ and Smooth options in Iridient Developer. The 'Smoother' option is less prone to artefacts but without the same level of fine detail.
  • Sharpening (Off, Low, Medium, High), with the option to over-ride Lightroom Sharpening and the ability to specify the sharpening tag in the DNG file.
  • Lens Correction - includes the option to apply the camera's lens corrections, ignore them or write them as 'opcode' tags into the DNG file to be handled by the downstream converter.
  • Chroma/Luma Noise Reduction (Off, Low, Medium, High) again with the option to cancel Lightroom's default NR.

The beta utility is available for free download but will place watermarks on the converted images. The arrival of Iridient's conversion algorithm for Windows users will see its inclusion in a forthcoming comparison of several leading Raw converters for X-Trans cameras.

Iridient conversion, 100% crop
(Sharpening Low)
ACR conversion, 100 crop
(Default parameters)