Visual Flow, the company launched by DVLP and SLR Lounge, has introduced 'The Modern Pack,' a series of 10 presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. The Modern Pack stands out from competitors, according to Visual Flow, because it is 'lighting condition-based,' meaning that it does not require the 'perfect lighting and weather conditions' for which other presets are designed.

According to Visual Flow, its new lighting condition-based presets use a Color Engine and camera profile technology to unify the color variations between camera manufacturers and to create the look of the selected preset regardless of the lighting conditions in the input image.

The Modern Pack presets include Black & White, Hard Light, Soft Light, Backlit, HDR Natural, Over Saturated, Tungsten, Tungsten Mix and Green Tint; further comparison examples of each preset can be found on the Visual Flow website here. According to the company, the work it put into its Color Engine means users will enjoy 1-click presets without the need for extensive manual tweaking.

Joining The Modern Pack is the non-destructive Retouching Toolkit for Lightroom and ACR, which features 26 tools and 47 retouching brushes for dodging and burning, retouching, scene enhancements,and more.

The Modern Preset Pack and the Retouching Kit are available for $95 each; there's also a bundle of the two for $165.