The image sharing platform and marketplace EyeEm has released an update to its mobile app for Android devices. The new version includes some modifications under the hood to improve performance and make future upgrades easier, but it's the redesigned interface that most users will notice first. 

Text and icons that previously were placed on top of images have now been moved down to allow for an unobstructed view. Photos are now also accessible in full-size format in both user profiles and albums. Just tap on an image to open it in full-screen view. You can then pan around the image and zoom in for a more detailed view. 

Cover photos are a new way of personalizing your profile page further and the Missions feature is getting its own dedicated section. Missions are themed competitions and usually run in cooperation with industry partners. The new Missions section now combines all useful information such as mission description, prizes and featured images in one place.

The current Mission is being held with transportation company Uber and for those who would like to try the Uber service and take part in the Mission EyeEm is providing a voucher code for a free ride on its blog. If you'd rather get going with the updated EyeEm app straightaway you can download it now from the Google Play store.

Source: EyeEm