Just when we thought filter apps were falling by the wayside, along came Prisma – a wildly popular iOS app now available for Android. Prisma uses a mix of neural networks, artificial intelligence and cloud-based machine learning to apply a range of filter effects, mimicking styles of artists such as Munch or Picasso, to your images. Since its launch a month ago for iOS it has become one of the year's most popular imaging apps.

Until now, Android users had been limited to a buggy beta-version app, but today Prisma Labs, the developers of the app, has finally released the production version on Google Play. As on iOS, the app creates dynamic brush strokes and pencil drawings based on your images. Filters are fine-tunable and the final results can be shared in a variety of ways. Prisma for Android is compatible with devices running version 4.1 or newer of the Google mobile OS and can be downloaded and installed for free from the Google Play Store now.