Yesterday, affordable photography accessory maker Yongnuo unveiled a 60mm F2 macro lens, and they've also taken the wraps off a YN43 camera module, a clip-on camera for smartphones in the spirit of Sony's QX-cameras, the Olympus Air, DxO One, and the Kodak PixPro models.

Unfortunately, at this point there are no specifications available on the site. Looking at the images and model name it's fair to assume the device will feature a Four Thirds sensor. Curiously the lens mount appears to be of the Canon variant, though. On the product images we can see a Yongnuo 14mm F2.8 wide angle lens for Canon mounted to the module. The choice of lens mount is likely due to the fact that Yongnuo only makes lenses for Canon and Nikon, but no Micro Four Thirds glass.

The camera is pictured with an Apple iPhone and an app is already available in the App Store which suggests it will definitely work with Apple devices, but one would assume it'll be compatible with at least the most popular Android phones as well.

With its unusual sensor/lens mount combination the YN43 looks like a slightly odd product to put it mildly. It also doesn't bode well that all the similar products mentioned above have disappeared from the market and the built-in cameras in smartphones have improved drastically, almost nullifying the need for bulky clip-on modules.

That said, Yongnuo is known for its budget pricing and while no price information is available yet for the YN43 we'd expect it to be quite affordable. This could make it worth a closer look to anyone who has a few Canon lenses lying around and likes tinkering with photo equipment.

We'll let you know as soon as more information and specs become available.