Spider Camera Holster has launched three new products on Kickstarter: the SpiderLight Holster and Plate, SpiderLight Backpacker, and Single Camera System. The SpiderLight Holster is a reworked version of the company’s Pro holster, one designed for smaller and lighter cameras like mirrorless models, while the Backpacker is an adaptor designed for backpack straps rather than belts. 

The SpiderLight Holster is a two-part device with a holster that attaches to a belt or backpack strap (via the backpack adaptor) and a plate that attaches to the camera. Sliding the plate into the holster enables photographers to carry their camera on their hip or chest when not in use, and to quickly draw it when needed. The holster is made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum, and features a two-position lock, one that secures the camera in place and another that enables quick-draw.

Joining the Holster and Backpacker is the Single Camera System, a dedicated belt onto which the holster can be attached, as well as Spider's lens pouches and various other belt accessories. The belt can accommodate a second SpiderLight Holster for a dual-camera setup. Spider is also hawking a couple other products, including a GoPro Plate for clipping a GoPro to a backpack strap, the Spider Web Tether camera strap, and the SpiderPro Memory Card Organizer.

Spider is seeking funding for the new products on Kickstarter, where it is offering an early bird SpiderLight Box Set at a $75 or higher pledge rate. The box includes a Holster, camera plate, and access to ‘Backerkit add-ons.’ Shipping is international and estimated to start in December.

Via: Kickstarter