Google+ for iOS adds photo features

Version 4.4.0 of the Google+ app for iOS offers a plethora of new features for photographers, from an Auto Enhance feature for your photos to the ability to share short animations and panoramas. Download it for free from the App Store to see what else is new.

The new Google+ app offers more photocentric features.
Hashtags now make it easier to find related content.

Olloclip app for iOS corrects lens distortion

A new app from lens makers Olloclip will fix some of the issues caused by the iPhone lens accessory. While the Olloclip is great for gaining a new perspective on iPhone photography, the hardware can also add a bit of unwanted distortion to its macro, wide-angle and fish eye images. The Olloclip app for iOS features a simple interface that will adjusts the perspective of your image via a one-touch slider. It is available for free in the iOS App Store.

The Olloclip app will adjust your images to help correct some of the distortion caused by its hardware.
A slider will bow and flatten the perspective of your photo. This image of a computer board was taken with the Olloclip's wide-angle lens on an iPhone 4S.

Oggl now open to the public 

Hipstamatic's more socially-focused app is now open to the public and has a few more features than the invite-only version. Version 1.1 of Oggl allows users to tap and hold to focus and drag to expose — making Oggl stand out above Instagram's limited capture feature. Users can also now double-tap-to-love photos in their feed and add an "artist's statement" in their profiles. A battery drainage issue was also addressed in the update. You can download Oggl for free in the iOS App Store.

By moving the center square in the Oggl viewfinder, you can manually adjust exposure.

Wood Camera developers release Viewmatic

The App Store hitmakers who created Wood Camera are hoping that lightning strikes twice with Viewmatic for iOS. The $0.99 app applies viewfinder, lens and framing effects to photos, allowing users to adjust the intensity of any aspect of the edit. The app's light box saves the photo's edits, allowing users to revisit a photo to re-edit images even after they are exported. 

Viewmatic's viewfinder filters adds different analog effects to make you feel like you're using an old film camera.
The different viewfinder/lens/frames in Viewmatic allow filter fiends to create a new look.

AnalogCamera for iOS now available

Real Mac Software's desktop photo editor Analog now has a mobile counterpart with RealMac Software's AnalogCamera for iOS. The $0.99 app is available in the iOS App Store and features both manual capture tools and Analog-style photo filters. 

This photo from AnalogCamera's press kit shows the new app's capture screen that features separate focal and exposure points.
Like the Mac version, the mobile AnalogCamera features filters that make user's photos look like they were taken with film cameras.

Windows Phone 8 answer to Instagram renamed

We recently told you about a third-party app that's finally bringing an Instagram experience to Windows Phone 8 users. Called Itsdagram, the free app allows users to register for an Instagram name, post photos, comment, like, follow and even find Facebook friends. But it seems the name landed developer Daniel Gary in some hot water and, faced with removal from the Windows Store, the app will soon be renamed Instance.