Android's Google Play store has thousands of photography apps to choose from. While some of them are a little too silly for practical application, many provide features that go above and beyond the capabilities of the native Android camera app. Here, we've rounded up a few of Android's best apps for capturing and editing images. We looked at each app's overall rating in the Google Play store as well as its practical application and functionality.

Best apps for Android

1. Camera Zoom FX; $2.99

Manual capture features combined with filters and editing tools make Camera Zoom FX a must-have for the Android photographer looking to combine filters to create unique effects. Camera Zoom FX’s filters include retro toy camera, frames, vignettes, fisheye, mirror, tilt-shift and light leak effects.

Camera Zoom FX offers a wide array of vintage filters.

2. Paper Camera; $1.99

For mobile photographers who want to make more artsy images, Paper Camera features automatic filters that turn snapshots into cartoons, sketches and halftone images.

Shoot and edit with Paper Camera to make your photos sketchy.

3. ProCapture; Free or $3.99

A live histogram in the capture screen and manual controls makes this app stand out. Unlike Camera Zoom FX, ProCapture focuses on the less-gimmicky aspects of mobile photography—with focus and scene shooting modes instead of filters and after-effects.

ProCapture's live histogram helps users expose their shot.

4. Photo Editor by Aviary; Free (also available for iOS)

Flickr users are familiar with Aviary’s editing tools. Photographers looking to do a few extra edits after they upload their photos to the image sharing service use Aviary to fix lighting add filters.

Photo Editor by Aviary allows users to choose from its 12 lo-fi filters.

5. Snapseed; Free (also available for iOS) 

Nik Software’s mobile app was originally launched on the iOS platform in 2011 before the editing powerhouse was purchased by Google. Since then, Snapseed has been released for Android and is now available for free from both iOS and Android operating systems.

Snapseed's U Point technology allows for easy selective adjustments.

Share your favorites! Android photographers: What apps do you find yourself using every day? Let us know by sharing a comment below.