Tokyo-based maker of VR lens accessories Entapano is working on the Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT lens, a model with a 250-degree field of view that it aims to make available in three varieties: 2.3mm F2.8, 3.0mm F2.8, and 3.6mm F4.0. All three lenses feature 18 elements in 12 groups with four extra-low dispersion lenses and a 1.6kg / 3.5lb weight without front or rear caps. The company cautions these specs are 'subject to change,' however, as the lens is still in development.

Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT 3.6 sample image taken with Olympus Pen F, provided by Entaniya

The company details the Entaniya Fisheye as being suitable for producing different types of VR content depending on which lens version is used. The lenses are made in Japan, where the company estimates its price at ¥388,000 / $3,730 / €3400. Entapano has the released date scheduled for 'end of 2016.'