In late December and again during CES 2020, MSI introduced a laptop designed specifically for graphics professionals: the MSI Creator 17 (not the be confused with the company's Creator 17M model). This is the world's first laptop to feature a Mini LED display that meets the HDR 1000 standard, making it ideal for photographers, filmmakers and others who work in visual professions.

Though the MSI Creator 17 isn't yet available and hasn't been fully detailed at this time, the company did discuss its new display technology in detail during CES. According to MSI, the Creator 17 features a 4K 17in display with 1,000 nits brightness, 240 local dimming zones and Mini LED backlighting.

Mini LED display technology has thus far only been offered in select television models, but it is expected to expand into the smartphone and laptop markets in coming years. The MSI Creator 17's display offers 100% DCI-P3 coverage, plus MSI says that its display is 'immune to burn-in problems.'

A simulated graphic from MSI showing the advantages of Mini LED technology.

Among other things, MSI says buyers can expect 'close-to-real color accuracy' from the laptop's 4K display, as well as the power efficiency and thinness that come with the technology. Most of the Creator 17 specifications have not been revealed at this time, but MSI did reveal that its new model will feature a USB-C port for powering up to 8K displays and the fastest UHS-III SD card reader currently available on the market.

Pricing and availability are unknown at this time.