Camera gear rental company KitSplit has announced that it raised $2.1m in seed funding from investors that include 3311 Ventures, HearstLab, Entrepreneurs Roundtable, NYU Innovation Venture Fund, and others. The funds will, in part, help the company grow its presence in Los Angeles, according to TechCrunch.

KitSplit is an affordable—and increasingly popular—gear rental company that boasts a large customer base including notable companies like National Geographic and NBC. For renters, KitSplit provides access to a large roster of gear, including lights, camera, lenses, and even VR equipment, which are listed for rent by both individuals and businesses.

The company acquired then-competitor CameraLends last year, a business move that made it the largest rental company in the world.

According to company CEO Lisbeth Kaufman, who spoke with TechCrunch, digital media companies have expressed ample interest in KitSplit's platform. "We're reimagining the Hollywood production studio as a local marketplace," said Kaufman. "We want to make resources like gear and staffing and location more accessible to all content creators."

Though KitSplit offers rentals throughout the entire US, the company is currently focusing on the Los Angeles and New York City markets where it is hiring.