German optical manufacturer Meyer-Optik Gorlitz has begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce a modern 50mm F2.9 version of its Trioplan lens. The Trioplan design is known for its exaggerated circular bokeh which earned it the nickname 'Soap Bubble Lens' in its original version. The company has recently released a 100mm F2.8 Trioplan after a similar Kickstarter campaign that raised almost $360,000. On this occasion the company is hoping to reach an initial target of $50,000 – which is going swimmingly, as it met that goal within hours of the campaign going live.

The new lens will be an updated version of the company’s original 50mm Trioplan but using glass from the Schott factory and with modern coatings and production standards. The new 50mm Trioplan also has a movable front element that allows much better close focusing and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:4.

The lens uses a basic Triplet design with three elements in three groups with a 12-bladed iris designed to help produce smooth and circular out-of-focus highlights at all apertures.

Meyer Optik plans to produce the manual focus lens in mounts for:

  • Canon EF
  • Nikon F
  • Sony
  • FujiX
  • Micro Four Thirds
  • M42
  • Leica M (rangefinder not supported/focusing via live view)

The expected price is $1299 though discounts can be had by backing the Kickstarter campaign. For more information visit the Meyer-Optik Gorlitz website.

Press release:

Today Is the Day.
Support the Historic and Innovative Trioplan 50 Now!  

We just launched our Kickstarter for the Trioplan f2.9/50, a special new lens that returns the tradition of a versatile soap bubble bokeh lens to the Meyer Optik line up. Order the art lens that you will always keep attached to your camera body now!  In addition to its regular focus element, the Trioplan f2.9/50 features a second front focus element that opens a whole new horizon of creativity to the world of photography.

These elements and the quality of the glass used takes the legendary Trioplan 50mm soap bubble bokeh lens to a wider variety of creative photographic situations, including events, travel, street, nature, portraits, macro and so many more scenes.  

The new Trioplan f2,9/50 is the one lens you can use for every situation. It is ultra compact and features an innovative front focusing element putting incredible amounts of creative opportunity into the palm of your hand. The movable front lens reduces the minimum focusing distance to less than 30 cm (under 12 inches) and raises the image ratio up to 1:4.

This feature takes the Trioplan 50 into the Macro-Spheres.  Carrying a heavy set of lenses is something that most photographers choose to shed at some point, but they do not want to cut back on their creativity. We give you the best of both worlds in one lens – with only 200 g or about 7 ounces -- it has never felt so light to be this prepared.

The Trioplan 50 produces smaller, finer soap bubbles that turn into a small swirl effect in the corner of the image. Sharpness and contrast are also the highest yet of any Trioplan lens.  

Surprisingly, for a 50 mm lens it is a perfect tool for portraiture especially including awesome landscapes in the image. Moreover the possibilities in street photography are awesome and the macro capabilities are stunning. This is more than just a nostalgic art lens. It is the most modern innovative lens you can imagine.

The lens will be available with mounts for
* Canon EF
* Nikon F
* Sony
* FujiX
* Micro Four Thirds
* M42
* Leica M (rangefinder not supported/focusing via live view)

The most creative historic lens you have ever held in your hands is available to Kickstarter Backers starting at $ 449!

The lens is estimated list price is $1299. Restore 100 Years of Tradition with the Most Versatile Soap Bubble Bokeh Lens.

What better way to bring back the Trioplan lens than with the most versatile version possible, the f2.9/50 with its new innovative front variable element? Innovating upon the classic, modernizing the traditional, extending soap-bubble bokeh creativity to a new modern era. Help us bring back the Trioplan 50. Pledge your support now !  Click the Link to visit our Kickstarter campaign.

Dr. Stefan Immes and the whole MOG team.