Since the launch of iOS 8, manual camera apps have been on the rise among iPhone photographers, and the makers of Android and Windows Phone apps have been working on implementing more manual control in their camera apps as well. Now it seems the makers of Camera51, a new camera app for Google's Android operating system, are going the opposite way. The new app not only sets exposure and white balance automatically, but also aims to help optimize how your shot is framed.

Camera51 analyzes the scene looking for objects, faces, shapes, lines and other criteria, then suggests an optimized framing option based on traditional composition rules, such as the “Rule of Thirds”. It also provides the option to manually select up to three objects in the scene by tapping on it. The app then chooses what it deems to be the best framing, focus and exposure for your subjects.

Camera51's algorithm also works with the your device's front camera, but won't offer framing suggestions for videos. We have briefly tried the app out and the interface is super-simple. The suggestion for framing appears pretty much instantly and aligning the shot is easy. We did not always fully agree with the suggested shot but of course there is a degree of subjectivity involved. If you want to find out if Camera51's composition algorithm aligns with your taste you can download and install the app for free from the Google Play Store