The company known for its video and image editing consoles, Loupedeck, has announced a software update that enables users to create custom profiles for third-party applications. With the new Loupedeck Profile Creator, Loupedeck CT owners can create various custom profiles for all of the software they use, including for applications like Davinci Resolve, Logic Pro X, Capture One and more.

According to Loupedeck, creators don't need any programming skills to create custom profiles for their favorite applications. Profile Creator can be used for adjustments and actions using everything from mouse movements to shortcuts, macros, keys, run applications, links and text. The new capability is found in software version 3.2 and higher.

Users can find a series of custom profiles for popular applications available to download on the Loupedeck website here. The company's Founder and CEO Mikko Kesti explained, 'The possibility for all users to create custom profiles is an important step in delivering an increased level of functionality and flexibility the digital creator community requires with their editing tools.'

In addition to announcing the Profile Creator's Custom Profiles feature, Loupedeck has also revealed that its Creative Tool now has native integration for Streamlabs, a live streaming app that is popular with creators. Going forward, Loupedeck CT owners will be able to use the console to directly control their stream, including the ability to adjust audio, quickly mute and skip content, hide and unhide sources, and more.

Kesti calls the native integration a 'natural addition' to the company's Creative Tool, which is available to purchase for $549. Users who are new to the device can download its companion software from Loupedeck's website, where the company also offers User Guide downloads for everything from general usage to using Loupedeck CT with specific photo and video applications like Photoshop and Lightroom.