Earlier this summer, Edelkrone introduced ORTAK, a line of the company's products sold at cheaper prices to customers who must 3D print the item's various components at home. Edelkrone kicked off this lineup with the FlexTILT Head 3D, a 3D-printed and DIY version of its FlexTILT Head 2. The company is back with another product in the ORTAK line with the relaunched and modified PocketSKATER 2.

PocketSKATER 2 was originally launched by Edelkrone as a three-wheel camera skater with the FlexTILT head built-in; it previously cost around $250 USD before the company discontinued the product. With this relaunch, the new SKATER 3D has a modified design that enables customers to print the product's base components using readily accessible 3D printers.

The obvious benefit to the ORTAK product line is reduced cost. The new SKATER 3D, for example, is offered in two parts: a freely available 3D blueprint that can be downloaded from the company's website and a $29 USD kit featuring the CNC-machined aluminum parts for assembling the 3D-printed components.

Edelkrone refers to this arrangement as 'co-manufacturing,' one targeted specifically at consumers who already own a 3D printer. The previously launched FlexTILT Head 3D is available as a digital download with a $29 USD aluminum parts kit. Both ORTAK products are available now.

Via: DIY Photography