In an impressive display of creativity and skill, photographer Benedek Lampert captured a convincing photograph of a LEGO Eiffel Tower that looks as though it was taken at the real structure through the use of forced perspective.

Lampert, who goes by the handle @_figsfanphotos_ on TikTok, says he spent 28 hours building the impressive 10,001 piece LEGO tower. As a toy photographer, Lampert creates handcrafted sceneries around figures or other objects to make them appear real and cinematic. However, the size of the LEGO Eiffel Tower made it impossible to build an environment that was large enough to accommodate it.

Photo by Benedek Lampert

So, he decided to bring the tower to the middle of Budapest and use the city as the background. Heroes Square and Andrássy Avenue provided the perfect mood and setting for the photograph, which was captured with a Nikon D750 with a Laowa 15mm F4 Macro lens attached. Two Litra Torch LED lights and a Joby Light Cube provided fill light.

The entire shooting process was live-streamed on TikTok, allowing fans and followers to watch as Lampert worked to construct, compose and capture his shot. The resulting photograph is a convincing composition, with the LEGO Eiffel Tower appearing so real it's hard to believe he wasn’t in Paris at a quick glance.

A behind-the-scenes photograph of Lampert setting up the LEGO Eiffel tower in downtown Budapest.

Lampert's use of forced perspective helps to add to the realism of the photograph, making it appear as if the LEGO Eiffel Tower is towering over the city of Budapest. It's a truly impressive feat, and a testament to the talent and creativity of this talented photographer.