Earlier this week smartphone manufacturers OPPO and Xiaomi both teased under-screen front-cameras that would allow for the design of 'notch-less' devices with uninterrupted edge-to-edge displays.

Xiaomi Senior VP followed up with several tweeted slides that provided some additional information about the technology. According to the slides the display area covering the front camera is capable of turning transparent when the camera is activated, allowing for light to pass and hit the lens and sensor, but looks and works normally when the front shooter is not in use.

To achieve this, Xiaomi is using a using 'special-low-reflective glass with high transmittance'. The company claims the technology can capture better images than the pinhole solutions we have seen previously although OPPO VP Brian Shen stated that the technology was still new and 'there's bound to be some loss in optical quality.'

The slides also hint at a 20MP camera hidden under the display but at this point we don't know which new model the technology could be implemented in. Given the current buzz around the subject it likely won't be too long before we find out, however.