Mani.Rae/Flickr used under CC BY-ND 2.0, shot on Kodak Pro Image 100

Kodak Alaris has announced its 35mm Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 film is now available in Europe.

Until now, there was no official means of acquiring Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 film in the European market. Released in 1997, the film has a strong presence in Asia as well as a handful of South American countries, but it's never been distributed through official Kodak retailers in Europe (or North America for that matter).

The decision to bring the film stock to Europe comes after Kodak Alaris ran a trial period in the UK, which apparently proved successful. Andrew Church, Printing and Operational Supplies and Film Capture Product Manager of Kodak Alaris, says 'Pro Image 100 gained such positive feedback during its trial period in the UK that the decision whether it should be made available in further countries became easy for us. We are really pleased to offer this popular film to the whole European market.'

In Kodak's own words, Pro Image 100 color negative film 'is a medium speed (EI 100) film that features high color saturation, accurate color and pleasing skin-tone reproduction, and good underexposure latitude.' Kodak adds 'it is intended for portrait and social applications, and can be stored at room temperature—even in hot, humid climates. Its printing characteristics are similar to those of KODAK GOLD Films to help simplify printing for photofinishers.'

Both Lomography and Flickr have a great collection of photos captured on Pro Image 100 film.

Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 is currently available in packs of five rolls through all Kodak film dealers in Europe.