During its October 2017 event, Google surprised the camera world by introducing a small AI-powered lifelogging camera named Google Clips. And now, thanks to some uncovered FCC documents, it looks like we're getting close to an official release date.

Google Clips is an interesting concept. Unlike other cameras that require a bit of input from the user, Google said Clips could analyze situations and automatically capture memorable moments, growing smarter over time—just place it on a shelf and it would 'learn' to capture your most important moments as they unfolded. Several months later, however, we still haven't heard anything from Google about a release date. We know it'll cost $250 USD when it launches, and the Google Clips product page offers prospective buyers the option to join a waitlist, but Google hasn't revealed anything more.

That's where the eagle-eyed folks at Variety come in. Earlier this week, they noticed that the camera recently passed through the FCC, indicating that a launch is imminent. In other words: if you're holding out for the Google Clips, your wait is almost over.