Phottix hands-on at Photokina 2018
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Phottix hands-on at Photokina 2018

Phottix has launched a new operating system for its portable flash systems that it says automatically switches between different manufacturer’s TTL systems as it detects their presence from an on-camera flash unit or on-camera transmitter. The Odin Z operating system also offers an auto metering feature that suggests a manual power setting for the photographer to dial in, and now shows power settings in real time on the slave flash display as it is changed via the commander unit.

Along with the new OS the company has launched two new hotshoe flash units and a Lite version of its Odin transmitter.

We got some time with Phottix CEO Steve Peer who showed us around the new kit. Prices of all the released items have yet to be set. For more information see the Phottix website.

The first new flash (above) is called Juno TTL and seems pretty close to the Mitros + unit the company currently offers. It has a guide number of 60m at the 200mm zoom setting, while the Mitros + has a GN of 58m and a maximum zoom of 105mm. It is just as nicely made as the Mitros + and it about the same size.