Flickr has announced a new strategic partnership with Pixsy, an online legal-tech service that helps photographers protect and enforce their copyrights. The new partnership allows Flickr Pro users an end-to-end solution to track their images and take legal action in the event a photograph is stolen and used illegally.

Starting today, Flickr Pro members can integrate their Flickr images with Pixsy's advanced monitoring and protection platform which allows access to 1,000 monitored images, 10 DMCA takedown notices and unlimited case submissions.

When a copyright infringement is detected by Pixsy, an alert will be sent to the user with the option to decide what should be done next. The press release says 'Photographers have access to a comprehensive case resolution service to recover lost licensing revenue and damages, along with the tools to register images with the US Copyright office and send automated DMCA takedown notice.'

Pixsy works alongside law firms around the globe on a 'no win, no fee' basis. Pixsy says it's handled more than 70,000 copyright infringement cases to date, resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

To get started, head to your account settings page on Flickr, locate Pixsy under the 'Pro Perks' section and select 'Redeem.' From there you'll be directed to Pixsy, where you will link your Flickr and Pixsy accounts.

For more information, head on over to Flickr's announcement post.