Edelkrone has announced its latest product, Controller (original, we know). As its name so succinctly suggests, it’s a remote control designed to work with the company’s entire lineup of motorized dollies, heads, jibs and sliders.

Currently, all of Edelkrone’s motorized equipment is either operated via onboard controls or with the help of Edelkrone’s mobile app, but the new Controller opens up another option for those who don’t want to have to worry about yet another smartphone app.

Edelkrone says the Controller will work from up to 25m (82ft) away from the connected device(s) and offer up to 4.5 hours of battery life on two ‘AAA’ batteries. The device is constructed of CNC-machined aluminum and features an array of directional and memory buttons to adjust the various motorized equipment and recall or cycle through specific keyframes you’ve established.

The Controller can be updated via firmware and Edelkrone teases an upcoming feature in the above video that allows you to control the location of the camera by pointing and rotating the controller in your hand.

The Controller is currently available through Edelkrone’s online shop for $129; batteries aren’t included though, so either make sure you have some on hand or snag the optional four-pack of ‘AAA’ batteries and charger Edelkrone sells for $24.