The iFixit elves are at it again, examining the inner workings of the Microsoft Surface Pro, including the motherboard.

After previously tearing apart the Microsoft Surface RT, the folks at iFixit have now got their hands on the Pro version of the Microsoft tablet. 

Since Microsoft started on this new venture into the tablet trade, we've been intrigued at the premise of the Pro version and what it represents for photographers. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, the Surface Pro provides the power and performance of a fully-fledged Windows computer in the tablet form factor. Just think: full versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, ACDSee and more in portable package. Though initial views have been mixed, we're looking forward to our own mental teardown of the device -- from a photographer's perspective -- soon.

But first, iFixit is giving us a glimpse at what powers the device with their teardown of the Microsoft Surface Pro. We point out a few of our favorite highlights below:

The iFixit team had a tough time breaking into the Surface Pro. They had to use a heat gun and guitar picks to combat the most adhesive the teardown veterans at iFixit have ever seen on a small device.
More than 90 tiny screws hold the Surface Pro together.
 The battery is buried behind the motherboard and glued down to the case. Because of this, the Surface Pro received a 1 out of 10 score on iFixit's repairability scale — the worst any tablet has ever received. 
The teardown reveals Microsoft uses "the Cadillac of batteries" from LG to power the Surface Pro: an Escalade 42 Wh unit. The battery is rated for 7.4 V and 5676 mAh. Nevertheless, the reported battery life of the Surface Pro is less than 5 hours. 
And of course we were intersted in the camera: iFixit found the Surface Pro's 720p HD "LifeCam with TrueColor" to be on par with both the MacBook Air and iPad's front-facing cams.