The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year
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The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year

'Dogs at Work' category winner: Dorine Scherpel, Canada

Title of image: ‘The loyal co-workers’

Dogs: Sam (L) and Laddie (R) (collie dogs, age 5 and 8)

About this photo: I was walking on this narrow country lane in The Lake District one February day this year when Laddie (right on the photograph) came happily barking towards me. As I have had dogs all my life and formed some extraordinary bonds with as well my own dogs as those of friends, I of course welcome any dog that wants to say hello. The owner (depicted on the photo) also greeted me and after a brief friendly exchange I continued on my route. Ten minutes later I heard this scooter notice behind me and turned around and saw this darling picture unfolding. To me this image portrays all you expect of a country dog’s life on a working farm. Their eagerness, their innocence and the way they so happily go wherever they may be needed makes them men’s best co-workers.

I am not a photographer by profession but rather passionate baker. This photograph was solely taken to bring joy to my friends at home as I was exploring the beauty of the English countryside which I have loved all my life almost as much as dogs. I enrolled this photo in the competition not to win but simply to share with others as I am sure the scene will warm many hearts as it did mine.

Technical specification: Photo taken with an iPhone 6