Insta360 has announced the ONE X2, a new waterproof 360-degree camera that features stabilized 5.7K recording, a round touchscreen display and built-in editing tools.

The overall shape of the ONE X2 is similar to the Insta360 ONE X, but instead of a black and white OLED display, the ONE X2 features a full-color display that can be used to both compose your shots and navigate through the camera’s settings.

The ONE X2 features four shooting modes: 360, Steady Cam, InstaPano and MultiView. In 360 mode, the camera will capture and stitch together a 5.7K 360-degree video. Steady Cam makes it possible to compose your shot — from the whole 360-degree view — and capture digitally-stabilized video that’s ready to share off the bat. InstaPano is a new mode that captures full panoramas of a scene with a single tap. Lastly, MultiView allows you to capture two angles at once, enabling you to capture both the scene in front of you as well as yourself in two separate videos.

Powering the image stabilization in both the 360 and Steady Cam shooting modes is Insta360’s updated FlowState technology, which is now ‘better than ever’ with improved stabilization performance. Also new is Deep Track, a new algorithm-powered feature that makes it easy to track subjects with a voice command or tap of the screen. Once the video is offloaded into the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio, the program will automatically adjsut the video to track humans, animals and other moving objects, keeping them in the center of the frame.

Insta360 has also improved the Shot Lab functionality inside its app, making it easier to create videos with a single tap using built-in templates such as Dolly Zoom, Stop Motion and more.

The ONE X2 is IPX8 rated, meaning you can use it without a case down to 10m (33ft) and down to 45m 9148ft) with the optional Dive Case. To help improve the quality of underwater images, Insta360 has included AquaVision, a specialized shooting mode that auto-balances colors to create a more natural-looking scene. For low-light situations, the ONE X2 features PureShot, a mode that will capture and merge multiple images to increase dynamic range and reduce noise.

Insta360 has packed inside a larger (compared to the Insta360 ONE) 1630mAh battery, which is rated for shooting up to 80 minutes.

Being we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, Insta360 has also added a webcam option for video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and more. The usual live video streaming features for Facebook, YouTube and other platforms is also available.

The Insta360 ONE X2 is available to order today through Insta360’s online shop and authorized retailers (Adorama, B&H) for $430.